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General Care and Safety Recommendations

(note not a comprehensive list just some highlights)

1. Protect your power supply

If you have a general personal PC or MAC then minimum protection should be a surge protection plug or extension lead.

If you have a important or mission critical unit like a server or a important PC then it should have a correctly power rated uninterruptable power supply unit.

Check all power supply cables are in good condition and if possible get the unit and its power leads tested by a qualified engineer.

Unless you are a qualified engineer do not open or generally stick anything into a power supply unit.

2. Protect your equipment.

Do not drink, eat or smoke near any computer equipment. Drinks like Coke and Fizzy orange drinks are particularly bad for electronic equipment. Curry or pizza in the keyboard or main unit has equally detrimental effects. For you smokers out there, open the side of a computer that has been in a smokers household for six months, then imagine that in your lungs.

Install a set of firewall, antivirus and anti spyware software in your machine. Use the Windows firewall built into your machine or download a free one like Zonealarm. There is a wide range of free protection on the internet (AVG, Spybot and Adaware are some examples) Use it.

3. Protect yourself.

Never give out personal information on/off the internet. Your bank/building society will never ask for account or password information via e-mail. If you are asked to go to your bank site/ebay account etc. never follow the link in the e-mail go into your browser type in the correct web address and carry out any tasks requested. (taking note of the personal information warning)

Shred all personal documents before throwing them in the bin. this includes address labels on junk mail. (recycle the junk mail) Anything that can identify you and yours.

If you create a family website then use an encryption application to stop the information being havested from the website.

For general online safety tips go to Here

4. Protect your children

While I can quote some basic rules the NSPCC have a much better website area covering childrens protection online, to get there click here another good site is HERE.


REMEMBER There is no such thing as a Free lunch. If you are getting something for free, then you are paying for it somehow.

While we take all reasonable steps to insure advice given on this web site is safe and works as stated, We cannot take responsibility for any application of the advice given on the web site. It remains the users responsibility that all legal and relevant safely regulations are followed. We further cannot take responsibility for any loss of data that results from the advice given. If the user does not have confidence in thier application in the solution given, we strongly advise that a professional in the relevant field is used.

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