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Note if an evaluation fee is charged, if the quote is accepted this fee is included in the final amount. you will not pay twice.

We have a Collect and return service. We will collect your PC, carry out any job required and return it to you.Covering all areas within 10 mile radius of Weston-super-mare, Cover outside the 10 miles radius might incur a small surcharge.

"Computer expert for an hour"

We will come out to your site, home or business and check/fix any problem you wish for a set fee for one hour. you have our full undivided attention for one hour.

£40 fixed fee.

Computer or laptop optimisation

we will collect your computer, analyse and configure it to run in the fastest and most stable configuration possible. Includes a full virus and trojan check. we will provide a report listing any suggested hardware updates and the order in which they should be obtained.

£45 Data backup £10

Virus and Trojan removal from all personal computers including notebooks, netbooks, laptops, tablet and desktop units. (  note since Virus and Trojans can damage a computer beyond repair we also provide a rebuild service (see below) however do not assume a computer rebuild is required, we have a high success rate of recovering computer that have been attacked by nasties)

£35 Data backup £10
Computer hardware repair. We have extensive experience in repairing a wide range of computer hardware and peripherals.    This includes an evaluation to decide if any unit is beyond sensible or economic repair. No point of paying for a repair if a replacement is more sensible.

£15 for evaluation Quote for repair after the investigation
Recovery of personal information, we provide a service to recover photos, documents, e-mails from a wide variety of storage media. This includes hard disks, floppy disks, CD, DVD and a variety of others. This is provided on a no recovery no fee basis. We will advise if a specialist recovery company will be required.

£15 for evaluation Quote for recovery after the investigation
Setting up wireless and networking facilities for everything from a personal home network to a full office/factory suite and everything in between.  This also includes setting up games consoles in the home to setting up servers in an office. 

£15 for evaluation Quote for setup depending on number and type of computers Rarely goes over £45
Setting up a new office. We have associated facilities that will completely set up a new office for you including building work, communications, furniture, network wiring and computer setup.

Will bring in our associate company who will provide a competitive quote.
Transfer of personal information, we can transfer all your settings from one computer to another. 

Security wiping of computers. If you are selling or disposing of  your computer, we can securely wipe all your information  so that it cannot be recovered. We can even do this on hard disks outside a computer.

Rebuilding computers. If your system needs its operating system rebuilt for any reason we can carry this out for you.  Including transferring any personal information to the new build.

Operating system upgrade, we can upgrade your computer to a later operating system (including Windows 7  or in the case of a MAC Snow leopard) after backing up your data for safety purposes.

£50 if you supply the software, £144 for Windows 7 if the software is provided by us.
Hardware upgrade, we can carry out any hardware upgrade required on all standard hardware.

£15 for evaluation Price quote after the investigation
Website creation, we can create a personal or business website for you. Complicated or simple.

£15 for evaluation Quote after the investigation However Basic Website creation can be as low as £50.
Bespoke computer build, If you want a special tailored computer build, we can create one to your exact specifications. We will advise on the parts, they are then ordered by you, so that the warranty is in your name. We then assemble it, using the preferred operating system.  Make them powerful, beautiful or both.

£150 assuming you pay for the parts. Note this is so the warranty for the parts has your name on it.
Support of workstations and servers for schools and businesses. On a formal or informal basis, We can come in and set to work, wire up, setup up and repair a wide range of networks servers and associated equipment.  Including backup.  We have a wide range of school and corporate experience. If quick reaction is required give us a try.

£15 for evaluation Quote after the investigation
Linking of modern equipment to computers, for example TV's Phones and media streamers.

£15 for evaluation Quote after the investigation

If a Female Engineer is required or for complicated situations a Chaperone, then this can be arranged.

We have a Collect and return service. We will collect your PC, carry out any job required and return it to you.Covering all areas within 10 mile radius of Weston-super-mare, Cover outside the 10 miles radius might incur a small surcharge.

If a Female Engineer is required then this can be arranged when required.

While we take all reasonable steps to ensure advice given on this web site is safe and works as stated, We cannot take responsibility for any application of the advice given on the web site. It remains the users responsibility that all legal and relevant safely regulations are followed. We further cannot take responsibility for any loss of data that results from the advice given. If the user does not have confidence in their application of the solution given, we strongly advise that a professional in the relevant field is used.

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